Thai-Japanese Govt Project: Dugong Biological Survey (March 2010)

In co-operation with the Haadyao Nature Resort, a team of dugong researchers made up of leading scientists and mammal researchers came on a monitoring and evaluation study for three weeks in March 2010. The purpose of the project was to record sounds made by the dugong with the aim to differentiate between the noises emanating from each individual mammal based on gender and seasonal factors eg: mating/ feeding seasons.

The Japanese team was led by Dr Kotaro Ichikawa from Kyoto University coordinating with Thailand’s top mammal researcher Ms Kanjana Adulyanukosol from the Phuket Marine Biological Center. The visit was a follow up to the Government funded project between the two countries which started in 2003.
(Pix right: Dr Anita, Ms Kanjana - opposite wearing white towel scarf Dr Kotaro)