Eastern & Oriental Express 2010

Eastern & Oriental Express (a top class luxury train for exclusive travelers ) selects Nature Resorts as its local partner in Trang - to arrange the award winning Dugong Tracking Tour for its program Legends of the Peninsula: Bangkok to Singapore 7 days - 6 nights which includes for the first time, an overnight stay in Trang.

Partner Organisation: Nature Resorts: Lonely Planet Reviews 2010


Haadyao Nature Resort

There are a few other choices in Haadyao, but this is the only resort worth considering. Set in the harbour and run by the Lifelong Learning Foundation, an ecological and educational NGO led by enthusiastic naturalists. This place offers a variety of environmental-focused tours in the Haadyao area.

Libong Nature Beach Resort

Once a sacred site for chow lair shaman, this property is owned and run by the Lifelong Learning Foundation and managed by resident international volunteers. Bunk in one of the dozen cottages set on a palm-shaded lawn that rolls to the best beach on the island. It runs excellent sea-kayaking tours of the mangroves and to the sea-grass mounds to spot dugongs.

Partner Organisation: Nature Resorts - Rough Guide Reviews 2009



Not-for-profit resorts, great tours and nice people, at Ban Chao Mai, on Ko Mook & Ko Libong

Haadyao Nature Resort pg 775

Is a well managed, non-profit resort, where your custom will go towards helping local people and the environment. The breezy, waterside restaurant serves up Western breakfasts, vegetarian food and excellent squid and other seafood dishes. Bicycles can be rented and snorkeling equipment, internet and Wi-Fi are available. The owners organize tours to the local islands, including highly recommended dugong-watching trips to Ko Libong and through the mangroves in the nearby caves of Tham Chao Mai.

Libong Nature Beach Resort pg 780

By far the best of the island’s resorts is Libong Nature Beach Resort which is run by the same charitable foundation that operates the Haadyao Nature Resort. Its neat, en-suite Bungalows all with wi-fi stretch back from a secluded part of the beach, a 10 minute walk south of Ban Lan Khao, and there’s another sheltered cove a further 5 minutes walks (or kayak) to the South. There’s a good restaurant attached too, where mountain bikes and snorkeling gear are available to rent.

As well as tours of local islands, Libong Nature Beach Resort runs award winning day long boat trips around Libong itself which are safe, insured and licensed with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and staffed by local sea gypsies who know the dugong well. As well as visiting a chao ley village, these give you the chance to kayak into the sanctuary to observe the rare birds and to snorkel at the sea grass beds – which they reckon an 80% chance of seeing a dugong.

Guided/ unguided treks into the National Park jungle behind the resort includes a three hour walk to a good view point on the south western end of the island.

Thai-British Wildlife Co-operation April 2010

Lifelong Learning Foundation through its eco-resort Haadyao Nature Resort in cooperation with Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU) Scotland

The Pink Dolphins of Trang: A Pilot Research Study (18th – 30th April 2010)

Extract from project brief:

‘…This expedition provides its volunteers with an exceptional opportunity to actively participate in the very first pilot study of Indopacific humpback (pink) dolphins (Sousachinensis) in Trang, southwest Thailand. The study was used to highlight the importance of the Chao Mai Marine Park for these coastally occurring delphinids, to gather baseline data on the species occurrence, its distribution, abundance, behaviour and ecology, and to raise awareness of the potential threats affecting them; considered fundamental for their future management and protection.’

‘The team was based in the tiny coastal village of Haad Yao, at the Haad Yao Nature Resort in Trang Province, on the Andaman Coast. Off the beaten track, this province of Thailand has much to offer in unspoilt natural beauty, as much of the region has been proclaimed by the government as National Parks and the growth of tourism has consequently been inhibited here to date. The Haad Yao Nature Resort is a small, family run eco resort, nestled on the edge of the Chao Mai estuary at the port of Haad Yao, and is ideally placed for access to the ocean for fieldwork. With easy admission to the marine park and its resident dugong colony, coastal dolphin populations and rare seabird habitats, this resort provides the perfect location and base for this project.’

(Pix above: Dr Kevin Robinson CRRU Director and Principle Investigator & Dr Anita Siaw LLF Project Manager)

Thai-Japanese Govt Project: Dugong Biological Survey (March 2010)

In co-operation with the Haadyao Nature Resort, a team of dugong researchers made up of leading scientists and mammal researchers came on a monitoring and evaluation study for three weeks in March 2010. The purpose of the project was to record sounds made by the dugong with the aim to differentiate between the noises emanating from each individual mammal based on gender and seasonal factors eg: mating/ feeding seasons.

The Japanese team was led by Dr Kotaro Ichikawa from Kyoto University coordinating with Thailand’s top mammal researcher Ms Kanjana Adulyanukosol from the Phuket Marine Biological Center. The visit was a follow up to the Government funded project between the two countries which started in 2003.
(Pix right: Dr Anita, Ms Kanjana - opposite wearing white towel scarf Dr Kotaro)